TheCyclicMeditation (TCM)

 Cyclic Meditation is a very effective method of all meditation procedures that regularly awaken your psychic energy and also improves the sharing of energy between chakras.

The energy flow between chakras must be in a regular cyclic manner. Disturbances in the flow of energy may result in some disorders. Cyclic Meditation is a good source to maintain that regularity.

Before that, you need some knowledge of meditation techniques.


We all know that meditation is a very good procedure to keep the mind in control. Meditation is a wing of YOGA which regulates the energy flow between "shatchakras" (shat=6, Chakras=energy centres...... they are AGJNA, VISHUDHINI, ANAHADA, MANIPURA, SWADISTHANA, MULADHARA and another chakra control these six chakras is Sahasrara)

During the Meditation process, energy flow will be in the following manner

******Muladhara-->*****Svadhishthana-->****Manipura-->**Anahata->***Visuddha-->*Ajna -->##Sahasrara.

The energy concentrated at a definite chakra resembles the definite character. The regular energy flow gives a good rhythm to the human body and mind. So, we need to follow the meditation rules in the correct manner.

As per the rule of meditation you need to concentrate deeply into your mind and no need to think about the external world...

Bhagavad Gita 6.10: Those who seek the state of Yog should reside in seclusion, constantly engaged in meditation with a controlled mind and body, getting rid of desires and possessions for enjoyment.

योगी युञ्जीत सततमात्मानं रहसि स्थित: |
एकाकी यतचित्तात्मा निराशीरपरिग्रह: |

Bhagavad Gita 6.26: Whenever and wherever the restless and unsteady mind wanders, one should bring it back and continually focus it on God.

यतो यतो निश्चरति मनश्चञ्चलमस्थिरम् |
ततस्ततो नियम्यैतदात्मन्येव वशं नयेत् |

How many of us can concentrate like this.....!? Many of us are in 100% failure according to this rule. Don't try to cover this.

To overcome this... some organizations which are working on meditation gave a remedy and also a new definition "meditation is nothing but concentrating on respiration process"Anyway this gave some result and built one organization. I have a simple question..... a small result built such organization, why we are not trying for some more good results from meditation......? why we are taking this small result as a big achievement........? Anyway, this rule also failed in some conditions.

Many suggestions are there like...... concentrate on heartbeat, concentrate on blood flow, concentrate on the things you like, concentrate on an image, concentrate on a point. But every one of them failed at their particular levels. We are in a crisis for getting a good result from meditation. For overcoming this crisis we have a good source called **CYCLIC MEDITATION**


This is a method of meditation that will make you concentrate on yourself without any failure. Every chakra can be activated and Energy flow will be in a regular manner.

Cyclic meditation is a combination of simple Yoga postures and meditation techniques. If you don't know can also practice it with some slow movements, even pretending as doing any regular work. Practicing this process for 4hrs per week can give a good result to keep your health condition in equilibrium. I am explaining this to you this with my personal experience. If you are going to practice cyclic meditation regularly you can get relief from insomnia, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, migraine, vertigo, heart ailments, psychological problems, so many other unhealthy conditions and you can keep all those ailments as orphans.

I've applied this procedure to many of my patients who are in stress conditions. In this procedure first, you need to select in which method you are going to start the session and you need to close your eyes till the end of the session and you need to do the movements very slow as much as possible. Here no need to concentrate on anything, but only on your movements. Automatically you can concentrate on the energy flow in your body..... Then, you can able to control the energy flow.

I am challenging that you'll get a good result on the first day itself.

Some simple steps in this procedure:

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