Minimise Your Stress

Stress is the most common word used by many of us in every situation.

There is a simple logic regarding action and reaction, everybody knows. But unfortunately, we don't know which action is the reason for the reaction we are facing. We are not prepared to know what is the action, but we are always targeted by the reaction. We are not interested to stop or modify the action, but we need a pleasant reaction. 

Then... We struggle to show that the situation is very fine and we try to make up it, slowly adapting to results. There is no way to escape. Because when we are the reason for all this, the solution is also behind us. Just we need to turn back and to take it shamelessly as a lost thing.

Just we try for...

1.Wake up early :

We have an old saying "early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" and it is applicable for women also smile

Please notice that many well-known people are very disciplined and their first concept is rise early before the sun wakes them up. According to Indian philosophy, Brahma muhurta has a lot of importance in many aspects. Not forced to follow that but at least wakeup before 6 AM.

Your first 30 mins after wake up should be...

*Drink at least half-liter warm water to activate your peristaltic movements

*Evacuate your bowels(poop), to reduce the reabsorption of toxins 

*Bath with lukewarm water, to improvise your subcutaneous blood flow

These three steps are very important in the first 30mins of our daily routine. Please don't think it as a simple issue.

2. Exercise (or) Yoga :

Please don't say that we've no time for that and we are so much busy to spend hours at Gym or Yoga classes. Please come out from this myth first. 

The first one is that our body is the most precious other than many things in this world. So try to give it some time. And the second one is, there is no need for hours and hours. You just need at least 20 mins a day to refresh your body system, either in the morning or evening. But the most preferable time is early hours, before the sunrise.

20 mins in your 24 hrs can change many things.

3. Eat healthily:

Eating healthy means... Please don't think that I am here to change your food habits completely and trying to induce a new culture of eating. I am not suggesting you change your food or your cultural food habits. Just saying that you need a calculation on it. How much is your intake and how much eligible for it? 

Remember, the food you take must support your work, health, and cleanliness. 

Please maintain a limit for the intake of food. Whether it is veg or nonveg it has its limit of intake and it has a particular time to digest and expel out. If we are not following that time, then we are giving a chance to store garbage in our bodies. As I said early our body is precious... it is not a garbage dump. 

We need to follow the appetite. Not timetable, not taste or not visibility. 

And also please don't follow the useless diet charts which are designed for ideal people. The eating habits can change your character according to some Indian philosophies. 

4. The required amount of water :

Some medical philosophies say that to take 10 glasses of water to support our systems. According to Allopathy people taking 3-5 liters of water per day as our system contains 5 liters of blood. Some more enthusiastic people say that drink more and more water as much as you can and can cleanse your body always, some other statement is also there to take only water food is not mandatory.

I think this is the most confusing situation for a common man who is without medical knowledge. And he follows everything above and faces his consequences according to his fate.

Then what we need to do now....??   smile

The amount of intake of water should depend on what type of food we are taking and what response your body is giving. The symptoms shown by your body decides the intake of water. It knows that what is the adequate amount of water to filter different types of foods and beverages. It depends on how much thirst you are feeling and how is your micturition reflex. Please learn to observe those reflexes.

The only thing you need to remember is that the more toxins we have in our body, then we need more water to drain it out. Taking an adequate amount of water is always important to keep our physiology in equilibrium. 

5. Feel the eternal power :

All of us are very familiar with an unidentified, ultimate power which we call it as God and we have some religious aspects. I am not discussing religious aspects, but I would like to guide you about micro and macro approaches towards that eternal power. All of us think God is somewhere and He has some religion or some cultural origin.

Actually, in any manner, all of us have an important aspect is to know God. Prayers without the involvement of the soul is always a burden to the mental body. To know about God or His path first, you must know about yourself. Then you will have a question why is religion or temple???  

As a human, we all are not alert about the micro path of uniqueness. The micro path is nothing but knowing the oneness. Trying to rebuild yourself and reunion of yourself more and more times will lead to oneness. Knowing yourself is always the right path to know everything. To attain this path you need more consciousness and patience.

To teach us about that or to get some related spark, our ancestors from different regions have taught us on different paths. We may name them as religion or culture, they always help us to drive towards uniqueness and togetherness with eternal power. If you are not ready to accept this, you are not ready to learn unity with God. Your travel will be always towards the religious aspects but not towards God.

All these temples, religions, cultures, scriptures, holy writing are the macro aspects taught to get an easy option. Our ancestors gave this option because you can adapt it easily and you can travel towards micro aspects easily. As we are always clinging with the macros, we don't have a chance to find the path in micros.

Please try to understand and try for uniqueness and unitedness.