Introduction to RelieveYourStressHere.Org

In our life, every one of us very familiar with STRESS... Very sorry to say- according to some research studies "many disorders are stress linked"


If we overcome stress, we can get rid of all those ailments.

stress-linked disorders:

There are so many disorders related to stress. Some of them are hypertension, diabetes, vertigo, migraine, paralysis, many sexual problems, psychological disorders, memory loss, depression,.......etc.

Many of these disorders are due to hormonal imbalance. This is not a statement without any basic knowledge... You may know about this by retaining your knowledge from your school days...!!!

Every one of us bringing up stress as a child and helping it to grow as a dangerous evil and it will ruin the entire system slowly. Nobody can escape from this evil when it attains an ultimate power. But it is very easy to overcome if we have some conscious of our body changes.....

Can you guess why????????

The brain is the main source of energy(cosmic).

Are you ready to accept this?

This is not an issue....we are going to believe this or not..... 

Here, we need to understand that the brain is controlling every organ and even a single cell in our body. In the embryonic stage, the first system initiated during the development of the fetus is the central nervous system. Other systems are slowly following it. The electromagnetic language of the brain is the main source of every movement and development in our body. Any small damage in the brain or the path of conduction of electromagnetic energy leads to damage of a definite organ or a system.

We have so many proofs around you to know about this. In our brain, there are different centres for different functions. Damage to the particular centre will cause a malfunction of the following...

The function of every gland is controlled by the hypothalamus which is a part of the brain which controls the pituitary gland. The path of action is

"hypothalamus==>pituitary gland==>target gland==>secretion of hormone==>action."

This may reveal the importance of the brain in every function of an organism. Now we may get some clarity on this statement...!!! Means...

"Healthy thinking always leads to a healthy mind.... and builds a healthy organism"

How to overcome stress....?

Overcoming stress is one of the challenging issues in ongoing days...... There is a remedy in an alternate system. Drug inducing therapies may lead to some other effects also. Especially in some treatment methods, they have induced drugs with a sedative effect. Means, we are turning the brain into an inactive dump, which is the source of Vital energy which is called Cosmic energy in the Universe... Click on the following links to know more about cosmic energy changes and the two techniques I am using on stressed people....!!

the cyclic meditation