Here is the procedure(IIBCETT)

Into the Action----

I used to apply this technique in a pleasant small room with the help of three assistants (I know their cosmic energy changes), if possible one person who is related to patient there may be some rhythm between them according their relation and me after controlling my vital energy by meditation
keep the room in silence atmosphere. Let the patient lay on his back, close his eyes relaxed, and let him observe his whole body with closed eyes. In some conditions patient not able to do this because of the unequal distribution of cosmic energy in his own body.

Here we need a good try to take the particular person's mind into his control.

At this stage also they are not able to find the appearance of his own body in his mind. This is due to the failure of coordination. Every disorder in the body is due to the failure of internal vital energy. The uneven distribution is leading to many problems.

Ask the patient to observe at the at any point in front of him when he laid on his back, prompting him to observe deeply. Explain to him what he can observe this first you need to know what is there. If he can observe, he can observe some colours in different shapes like balls, lines, dots, etc... depends on his mind and depend on your prompt. Direct him to bring those coloured shapes towards his eyes. That flow of coloured objects is nothing but cosmic energy(light is nothing but a combination of colours, which can be observed only in particular conditions). Try to direct those cosmic energy particles into his both eyes. So they can directly reach up to his brain thru eyes which are nothing but direct projections from the brain. After the transfer of some energy, tell the patient to close his eyes.

Take some cotton dipped in the water where we can use some aromatic oils also. Cover the eyes, forehead, ears,etc....

Then, he can observe the colours in front of his eyes in this condition also. Depend upon the condition of the patients, they can see different colours. Prompt the patient to concentrate on colours like green, orange, blue, yellow, white....... like light colours. Sometimes black colour dominates all the colours. But, prompt to observe....... any colour may be present at any corner and ask to concentrate on that particular colour. Slowly that colour spreads completely in front of the eyes.

Slowly prompt the person to observe his body step by step, from toes to head. Depend on your prompting, he can easily identify his own body completely as he is in front of a mirror. Ask him to spread the colour slowly all over the body which he concentrated at starting.......

If the patient is a healthy person he can slowly identify the whole body, means energy spreading all over the body equally. In further sessions slowly increase the depth of the concentration...... means, concentrating into the deep of the body and mind. Your body can transfer the energy where ever it required. We just need to give direction to the energy, where it needed to be concentrate and repair.

The energy which is stored in our body is a wonderful medicine to cure many disorders. If the body is not stored with required energy....... energy can be gained from the surrounding objects like humans or even from a lifeless object like small stone also. The only thing is to concentrate on that particular object....... particularly in this case we need to prompt the patient to observe the surroundings with his closed eyes and concentrate on the particular object.

Then, automatically we can gain energy from that particular object. This will be useful to compensate for the required energy.....